Board of Director Minutes – March 31, 2016

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Dave Thompson, at 6:44pm

Other board members present included: Sean Hutchinson Alison Given Jessica Philpotts Alexis Smith Nakesha Allen Agata Raszczyk-Lawska Tamara Deer Kim Boyd-Hunter

Administrative Staff Present: Craig Drezek Nicole Grant Shelly Hicks Guests Present: Maurice Holness/HCS Parent

Absent: Linda Baylor

Public Comments: Mr. Holness commended the Administration and the BOD on the changes made and support provided to to the lower grades, specifically grade 2. Happy to advise that he was unable to attend Parent/Teacher Conference, but was able to have a conversation with Mrs. Roche over the telephone to discuss his son’s report card.

Action Items: Motion to approve minutes from 3/16/16 meeting

A. Smith/S. Hutchinson: Unanimous

Motion to approve HCS School Calendar for SY 2016-2017 with corrections to add additional Professional Development Dates

A. Given/N. Alleyne: Unanimous

Motion to approve the Flat line Budget for 460 students

N. Alleyne/ A. Raszczyk-Lawska: Unanimous

Committees Reports: None

Motion to adjourn at 8:43pm N. Alleyne/J. Philpotts