Board of Directors Agenda: August 16, 2017

Highville Charter School Board of Directors
Meeting Agenda
One Science Park
New Haven, CT 06511
6:30 p.m.

I. Opening
A. Call to order
B. Roll Call (by Recording Secretary)

II. Public Comments

III. Action Items: Consideration for Approval
A. BOD Meeting Minutes 06/21/17

IV. Committees Reports

V. Information Items (no action needed)
A. Post University Partnership*
B. Albertus Magnus Partnership
C. Highville Global Leaders Academy*
D. Highville STEAM Academy*
E. Introduction of New Admin Team*
F. Staffing & New Positions*
G. State of CT Partnership – Professional Development*
H. Independent Charter School Consortium
I. New Curriculum Program
i. 1XL*
ii. Scholastic Reading Inventory*
iii. SWIS
J. New Visitor Sign In & Security System (HALL PASS)*
K. Computer Labs
L. Discussion on Name Change
M. Summer Celebration of Learning

VI. Additional Information Items by the Board Chair or Administration

VII. Adjournment

*Documents Provided