HCA Tardy and Absence Protocol Update

HCA Tardy and Absence Protocol

Connecticut state law requires children living in the school district to regularly attend public school or show that they are elsewhere receiving equivalent instruction in the studies taught in the public schools. The Board of Education believes that regular school attendance is essential to the academic success of its students. Therefore, it is the policy of the Board to monitor school attendance so as to identify students who are truant, and to enlist the cooperation of parents and, when necessary, the juvenile justice system, in order to address the problem of truancy when it arises.

I. Definitions: “Truant student” – any enrolled student five to eighteen years of age, inclusive, who has four (4) unexcused absences from school in any one month or ten (10) unexcused absences from school in any school year. “Unexcused absence” – the non-appearance of an enrolled student on a regularly scheduled school day that the building principal (or designee) has determined is not excused. “Excused absence” – the non-appearance of an enrolled student on a regularly scheduled school day for any of the following reasons:

1. Student’s health, including medical appointments. (The school administration may require medical certification for frequent health-related absences.)

2. Religious holidays

3. Funeral, death or serious illness in the family

4. Court appearance

5. Documented college visits

6. Approved school activities, including field trips and sporting events

7. Suspension or expulsion

8. Failure of the school district to provide required transportation

9. An extraordinary circumstance with the approval of the building principal “Parent” -a parent, guardian or other person having control of an enrolled student.


One through Nine

  • Any reason that the student’s parent or guardian approves.
  • Parent or guardian note only.10 and Above
  • Student illness (Note: to be deemed excused, an appropriately licensed medical professional must verify all student illness absences, regardless of the absence’s length). · Student’s observance of a religious holiday. · Death in the student’s family or other emergency beyond the control of the student’s family. · Mandated court appearances (additional documentation required). · The lack of transportation that is normally provided by a district other than the one the student attends (parental documentation is not required for this reason). · Extraordinary educational opportunities preapproved by district administrators
  • Parent or guardian note and in some cases additional documentation (see details of specific reason).
  • If a student is absent from school for any reason, the student will not be allowed to participate in any school activity on the day of the absence. This includes, but is not limited to: athletic contests, practices, rehearsals, concerts, drama productions, class activities and club dances, etc.Tardies
  • Arriving to a class more than 15 minutes late means students will be marked absent from that class
  • Three Tardies from Class are Equal to One Absence
  • Nine Absences from Class in one semester  is eligibility for failing the class
  • Three Tardies to school Equal an Absence

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