Important Policy Reminder from Mr. Hayes and Mrs. Reid

Dear HCS and HCA Parents and Families,

As we enter into the final months of school it is important that we continue to adhere to the school rules and procedures that allow us to ensure the best educational environment for your child.  Please review the reminders below and refer to the link below to the Student Handbook for further clarification regarding these policies.

Policy Reminders:

  • School opens at 7:30 AM and the cafeteria is open for breakfast service from 7:30 AM until 8:00 AM. Breakfast will not be served after 8:00 AM upon the closure of the cafeteria.  Students are only permitted to have breakfast in the cafeteria and therefore students entering after 8:00 AM may not enter the building with breakfast foods and must consume them prior to entry.
  • Students who enter the building after 8:00 AM will be marked tardy to school. As there is not outdoor supervision after 8:00 AM, any student entering the building after 8:00 AM must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for safety and security reasons.  Our academic day begins at 8:00 AM with morning meetings and Second Step lessons, a social and emotional learning program, targeted at building the skills your child needs to be successful in school.  Please refer to the Student Handbook regarding school hours and attendance.
  • HCS and HCA students must come to school each day in the correct school uniform. If your child arrives at school out of uniform they will be removed from the classroom and you will be contacted to provide the proper school uniform.  Repeat uniform violations may result in student disciplinary action.  Please refer to the Student Handbook regarding uniform policy.
  • The use of electronic devices, including cellular phones, is not permitted during the school day. If a student is found to be using an electronic device during the school day, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day to the student upon the first offense.  Subsequent instances will require that a parent pick up the device.  Please refer to the Student Handbook regarding the electronic device policy.
  • Food is not permitted in the classrooms unless sanctioned by the school. Food that is dropped off for students prior to your child’s lunch wave will be held at the front desk until the appropriate time.  Food that is dropped off after your child’s lunch wave will be held until the end of the day.  Any celebrations that involve parents bringing in food must be preplanned with your child’s classroom teacher and the food must be consumed during your child’s lunch wave.
  • All parents accessing the building other than at drop off and pick up times must sign in/out at the front desk and wear a visitor’s badge. Visits to your child’s classroom or to meet with your child’s teacher must be scheduled in advance of arrival.

We thank you for your understanding and for your ongoing support to assist us in providing the best educational outcomes for your child.  Please contact us with any questions regarding this matter.

Thank you,

David Hayes & Nikilia Reid

Interim Principals of HCS & HCA