Mission Statement

girlkgnThe Highville Charter School, an enterprising and caring community with strong parent and community involvement, prepares and instills a desire for all learners to confidently use technology, think globally, develop globally conscious citizenship, utilize world languages and the study of various world cultures as the basis for launching learners on their voyage as responsible navigators, to discover their potential and chart their course through an ever-changing, interdependent and global future.

Such a globally-conscious citizen will be values-oriented, wellness conscious, career directed, competent in communications and problem-solving, skillful in creative and critical thinking, culturally sophisticated, and acutely ware of global interdependence.

Vision Statement

Our learning community seeks to promote and advance the intellectual, physical, social, and moral development of students in becoming responsible, contributing world citizens. Students learn to work and live together constructively respecting, honoring, and appreciating their own uniqueness and that of others. As we strive to implement our vision to provide a challenging, supportive and comprehensive educational program for our students, the foundation of our program is our Mission Statement and Program of Studies.

Education is more than a direction or a destination; it is a process which recognizes, enhances, and celebrates individual accomplishments. Highville Charter School, in the breadth of its curricula and the variety of its approaches to facilitate learning, provides an environment which nurtures and stimulates the intellectual development, insight and curiosity of all individuals.

p4aHighville’s synergistic atmosphere reflects the blending of tradition with the reality of an interdependent, interconnected world. Our program is propelled by a committed and experienced staff and supported by an involved parent community.

At Highville, we value and aspire to:

Create an instructional environment that includes:

  • Alignment with key Connecticut State Standards
  • A balance with between declarative and procedural knowledge
  • Diverse learning opportunities that are frequently revised and updated as part of a continuous improvement process for instructional planning.
  • Use time effectively to support student learning.

Create a learning environment that:

  • Includes multiple modes of learning and the meaning use of technology.
  • Always considers the global perspectives on the issues and topics that form the center of the curriculum.
  • Uses a variety of thoughtful and fair formative and summative assessments.

Encourages a Professional Learning community that:

  • Engages in professional learning that is continuous, frequent and always aligned with the Mission and Goals of the school.
  • Works together collaboratively to help all students achieve.

Involve the Community in the Governance of the Community so that:

  • Community members are involved in the decisions that shape the life of the community
  • Goal setting, decision making, and practice are guided by data and systems thinking.
  • Continuous improvement is a guiding philosophy for all decision making.

Pursue Excellence in all of our pursuits so that:

  • Parent and customer satisfaction is always high.
  • Standardized tests and other measures of student performance consistently outperform those in similar demographics.
  • All members of the community feel that those items that are of the most interest and concern to them are communicated to them effectively, systemically, and in an open and honest manner.
  • Attendance and participation in school by students an in the life of the school by parents is consistently and significantly higher than all schools in similar demographics.

Belief Statement

We are a community driven school that believes in providing a positive and respectful learning environment. We will prepare our children to participate responsibly in a global, diverse and rapidly changing 21st century.

highville-charter-general-20151206-013Accordingly, WE BELIEVE:

  • in engaging all students in the process of learning
  • learning is life –long
  • each child is unique
  • in the qualities of respect, acceptance and appreciation of diversity, peaceful resolution of conflict, and good humor for all
  • our learning community needs to be prepared to utilize technology in our rapidly changing world
  • teachers, students, and parents are responsible and accountable for student learning
  • learning needs to prepare students to live, work, and succeed anywhere.
  • in providing students with experience in leadership, cooperative learning and independent study
  • education is a cooperative venture in which students, parents, staff, and the community share responsibility
  • global knowledge and foreign language competency enrich the quality of life and create greater opportunities in the world at large
  • community school-based coordination, delivery of support services in economic development, recreation, social services and health care for families will improve academic performance.