School Governance Committee Meeting Agenda

School Governance Committee


Date:  7/1317

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

Phone Conference:

  1. Call your dial-in number: (641) 552-9333
  2. Enter the access code: 548057                                                                                                    

Recorder: TBA                                     

Committee Chair: Sean Hutchinson

Members: Linda Baylor, Agata Raszczyk Nicole Grant Shelly Hicks, Casey Joseph

Prior to the meeting all committee members must review the  Charter

Focus for the Meeting:

  • Share and discuss Board member Agreement
  • Review the Charter Renewal Process  
    • Pay particular attention to Performance Standard 2 on pages 9 and 10
  • Review Highville’s existing Charter in order to prepare for the next charter renewal.
    • We will notice and highlight areas that need to be addressed by the Board of Directors.
    • We should also consider the following questions
      • Does the charter accurately reflect who we are as a school?
      • How have we changed?
      • What areas remain the same?

Next Meeting:

  • TBD